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10 Best Exploration Skills In Sun Haven



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Here are the best Sun Haven travel skills!

Sun Haven is a cute farming and life game that puts you in a magical world full of strange animals, interesting stories, and new places to explore. Even though you start out in Sun Haven, you can set up other farms in Nel’Vari and Withergate.

Because this game is so big, you will definitely spend a lot of time exploring. There is a skill tree, though, that is designed to make that part of the game easier and more fun. Find out what the best skills are that you can learn as you visit the three cities.


Air Skip


One of the most important skills to learn first is Air Skip. It makes traveling easier because it can help you get from point A to point B faster. It’s also a good skill to have if you’re surrounded by enemies and need to get away quickly.

This skill doesn’t have a limit, but it can be very helpful to max out its upgrades so that each jump only costs 2 mana. This mana reduction can be very helpful if you’re casting spells or if your mana pool is small early in the game.

Well Rested

Well Rested is a very useful skill because it gives you a good buff every day when you wake up. The buff changes every day, but all of the choices are great. You can get more farming EXP, have a better chance of getting more forageables, or give enemies or rocks more damage, among other things.

Its highest level gives you the buff for the whole day, which is very helpful if you farm in the morning and do tasks and mining in the afternoon. Even in its most basic form, it’s great, because your buff stays in effect for 6 hours.

Double Take

Foraging is a big part of exploring Sun Haven, so having the Double Take skill will be helpful. This lets you get more out of everything you do because it makes it more likely that you’ll get an extra item when gathering forageables.

This skill will help you in the long run as you collect your goodies, whether you’re short on time or just want to get more for your money. Even if the maxed-out skill only gives you an extra 40% chance, that’s a good number given how often you’ll be hunting.



In Sun Haven, your health and mana are, of course, very important to your life. It’s less of a problem once you’ve given these pools the right upgrades, but it’s always good to have ways to fill them up.

Replenishment lets you get back some health and mana every time you pick up a forageable or break a destructible item. This means that chopping down a tree or using your pickaxe on some rocks will help restore your life and mana.

Sap Sucker

You’re going to cut down trees anyway to get logs, so you might as well get Sap Sucker to get more mana while you hack at trees. This is a great skill to have if you often have to fight more than one enemy in the forest.

Using magic or air-skipping a lot will use up your mana pool, and you’ll need quick and easy ways to refill it. You’ll be glad to know that you’ll often be near trees that you can just cut down to get that sweet mana.

Wood Splitter

Because logs are used in almost everything you need to build to make your home and yard bigger, you should get a Wood Splitter. This means that more logs will fall from trees.

It’s a simple but truly amazing benefit that helps you get as many resources as possible. It’s not just for people who don’t want to wait to cut down multiple trees.


On your farm, trees take a while to grow back. This skill will help you save a few trees for a bad day by giving you more logs per tree.

Token Citizen

Completing the tasks on bulletin boards is a great way to get along with your neighbors and earn some great rewards. You should check out the Token Citizen skill if you want to level up faster.

This skill gives you extra Exploration experience for every bulletin board quest you finish. If you use this and choose to get extra experience points from the bonus prizes, you can quickly move up in the Exploration tree.


In Sun Haven, it doesn’t take much work to make NPCs like you. As long as you talk to them nicely and give them gifts, they will quickly warm up to you.

With the Appreciation skill, you get extra gold every day for every heart you have with a character that can be romantically interested in you.


This means you can get up to 1,000 gold per day if all the people who can be romanced have their hearts filled to the max. You can get up to ten hearts with a romanceable character even if you don’t try to make them fall in love.

Secret Compartment

As you look around the woods on the edge of the cities, you’ll find a lot of treasure chests and money bags. Most people don’t know how they got to be there unsupervised, but hey, why turn down free gold?

If you learn the Secret Compartment skill, both treasure boxes and money bags give you 160 more gold. Even though money doesn’t always buy happiness, it helps a lot when you’re trying to improve your farm in Funny Shooter 2.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful Exploration skill to have. Even though it’s in column 8, it’s definitely worth opening once you get there. This skill makes sure that every day there are golden pomegranates around Sun Haven.

Even though you can sell the golden fruit if you want to, the best thing to do is to eat it. When you eat the beautiful golden pomegranate, you get 200 gold and a lasting two-point boost to your health and mana. This may not seem like much at first, but if you eat the shiny fruit every day, it quickly adds up to a big difference.


If you are playing with other people, the skill must be turned on by the host for everyone to use it. No matter how it shows up, it’s always a good thing because it lets you get stronger without the terrible things that happened to Midas.

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