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10 Budget-friendlier Home Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe



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It is vital to keep your house safe to keep your loved ones safe. The number of theft cases is on the rise, so it should ring the alarm bell to improve your house security. Many AI-based tools are on the market to deter burglars, but they are extortionate, unfortunately, and ideal for lavishing accommodation.

House security is a must, even if you have a moderate one. You cannot compromise the safety of your family just because you do not have money to buy smart security systems. Well, you do not need to be despondent. You can use economical home security systems to keep your family safe.

Upgrade locks


When you buy a house, you should immediately replace all old locks. It is easy to barge in when you have a duplicate key. New locks are more durable though they could be a little bit expensive. Consider choosing a top-notch lock system. Apply for guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders in the UK if you do not have enough money. If possible, you should use complex locks that are not easy to break and open.

Install the right peephole

You can be attacked by mobs when you are home. If you live in a locality for a long time, you get accustomed to the neighbourhood and relax. However, burglary can take place anywhere at any time. “Use a peephole so you know who is on the other side.” Try to install a peephole on the entry door. “Make sure that it is not so tiny that you cannot see the full face of the person. Thieves can ambush you.”


Buy a home security camera

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes. You can get an affordable camera that you can install just outside at the entry door. This will be connected to your mobile phone app, so you will keep receiving input all the time when you are away. A home security camera will deter burglars. They can be expensive, but they are worthwhile. Try to take out a loan from a reputed direct lender like CashFacts. You will get money at the most competitive interest rates.

Use social media wisely


“It is no wonder that social media platforms are used to let the world know about your current life.” You change your status to “sunbathing on the beach” or “On a trip to Paris”. You also share images on social media to show your excitement. But the use of social media should be moderate. You should avoid telling your real location through status and all. Burglars are more active on social networking sites nowadays. “They are always on the prowl for someone away from home for a vacation.” This makes it easier for them to break in.

Use motion-detecting lights

Do not leave the foyer in the pitch dark. Make sure you have installed lights to provide enough visibility. But to prevent your house from burglary, you should use motion-detecting lights. “The best part about these lights is that they can detect even the slightest motion.” Do not overdo it because it will attract undue attention. These lights can scare away any thieves.


Pretend as if someone is at home

The best strategy to keep burglars away from home when you are away is that you should make it look like being occupied. You often try to let the lights turned on in your living room, but this is so common that none would think a second time before breaking in. You should use some better and more effective solutions and strategies. For instance, you should use the timing lighting indoors and outdoors.

Secure your mailbox


Your mailbox is an easy access for thieves. They can access all mail and letters on your back and access information related to credit card numbers, account details and other personal information you cannot afford to leak. This is how you become the victim of identity theft. “Your account can be stripped of all of your hard-earned money.” You will eventually find yourself with absolutely no cash in your account. “When you are away from home, ask your neighbour or your friend to collect parcels on your behalf.”

Put valuable stuff in a safe

Important documents, jewellery and cash, should be kept in a safe. It is a good idea if it is fixed to the wall. Another way to keep it safe is to use a strong password or biometric system to open it. Of course, no one will be able to access it if you use a digital biometric system.


Fix patio door issues

Burglars can break into your house from the backyard when the front area is under surveillance. Make sure that the patio door is properly functional. Use a lock system to tighten the security. You can also use a video camera at the backyard of the house.

Reinforce the hinges of exterior doors


Thieves have a variety of ways to break into your house. It is not rocket science for them to break the lock system with a couple of blows. They can use even a tiny space to find their way in. There must be no gap around the door. It should be properly fixed. Hinges should not be loose at all.

If your door is not durable or the hinges are loose, you can get it fixed. It is important to spend some money to upkeep them.

The final word

“Home safety is important whether you are home or you are away from home.” As mentioned earlier, the ways will not cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you want to use a more upgraded model, you can use AI-featured doorbells with a camera that can detect and record the activity.


There are several advanced AI-featured tools that you can use to make your house secure. They can be expensive, but you can fund them with a small loan. Never compromise home safety just because it costs you some money. You can use economical options as well.

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