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10 PlayStation 5 Games Support A Mouse And Keyboard



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Even though console controllers have gotten much better over the years, they still can’t beat a mouse and computer. The good news is that these PlayStation 5 games work with both.

When people started to play games at home instead of in arcades, home systems were the most popular type of video game. As computer parts became easier to get and better, though, the PC started to have better images and more options than consoles. Especially for shooter games, computers quickly became the most popular way to play because the mouse and keyboard made it easier to aim and faster to respond.

Even though console controllers have come a long way, they still can’t beat a mouse and computer. Because of this, most console players won’t play against a PC player, even if the game lets them. Some games for the PlayStation 5 can be played with a mouse and keyboard, which makes them easier to play or gives them an edge over people who use controllers.


The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a life-simulation game that doesn’t need to be explained. It got off to a rough start, but now it’s a fun game that would be much better with a keyboard and mouse because of their accuracy and ease of use.

With a keyboard, players can use shortcuts to move through the game’s menus. A mouse, on the other hand, makes it easy to pick people or things in the virtual world and gives Sims commands more quickly. The game’s complex building and customization systems are also much easier to use with a mouse. This makes it easier and more accurate for players to build and design homes for their Sims.


Splitgate is a first-person shooter that mixes aspects of fast-paced arena shooters from the past with new ways to use portals. When you play with a keyboard and mouse, you can move and aim faster and with more accuracy, which is important in a game that requires quick reactions and accurate shots.

Even though it’s fine to use a controller in Splitgate, it can lead to the same accuracy problems that many people have with any FPS. Players can beat the competition in Splitgate if they use a keyboard and mouse, which gives them speed and accuracy.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is the best sequel because it is better than the first one in almost every way. This fast-paced third-person shooter with roguelike features is likely to be more fun and satisfying to play with a keyboard and mouse, especially if players use long-range weapons.

It goes without saying that the mouse makes it easy to aim and shoot, which is a godsend in a game where death can come from anywhere. Risk of Rain 2 players can live longer and go further if they use a computer and mouse, which gives them speed and accuracy.


Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a wide range of skills and powers that players need to use to beat the game’s many difficult enemies. When players use a computer and mouse, they can move through the game’s menus and interface more quickly and easily. This makes it easier for them to do more complicated moves.

With a controller, it would be much harder to deal with the game’s huge world and its many parts. With a mouse, this is much easier. Final Fantasy 14 is great for a keyboard and mouse because it started out as an MMORPG. This is true whether players play it on the PC or PlayStation 5.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made. That’s because Minecraft has so many different kinds of building tools that a player can make anything they want. Survival Mode is also a good way for players who have trouble being creative to test their survival skills.

Minecraft can be played on the Playstation 5 with a controller, but it also works with a mouse and keyboard. It is highly suggested to play with a mouse and keyboard because it helps players build and talk to each other better. For example, players who use a joystick can’t quickly choose an item from their Hotbar, but players who use a mouse and keyboard can by pressing a button.


Warframe is one of the few free MMOs that has lasted for a long time. This third-person shooter lets players control unique Warframes, which are like Gundam’s Mobile Suits, to fight against different alien races in procedurally-generated settings.

Warframe for PlayStation 5 can be played with a keyboard and mouse, which is helpful when using weapons like the overpowered Sniper Rifles. A mouse and keyboard will help players aim their weapons and also make it easier to move around in tasks, especially Sorties or Spy ones.


Cities: Skylines

Even though Cities: Skylines didn’t have as big of an effect as SimCity, it still managed to please people who like to play games about building cities. towns: Skylines started out as a simple city-building game, but it has changed over time so that players can now build complex towns, which wasn’t possible in older games.

Because Backrooms game is so complicated, it’s not a good idea to play it with a controller, since players will spend more time trying to get to a certain part than actually playing it. Cities: Skylines on the PlayStation 5 lets you use a mouse and keyboard, which is a big help for new players. With a mouse and computer, players can quickly respond to disasters like tornadoes and tsunamis.


Even though Fortnite is often called “the Battle Royale for kids,” it has become the go-to BR for crossovers. Characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and even John Wick himself have appeared in Fortnite. Aside from the crossovers, Fortnite isn’t like other Battle Royale games because players have to learn how to build defensive and attacking structures in the middle of a fight.

As players might expect, making a structure in the blink of an eye (like some pro Fortnite PC players do) is hard to do with a controller, and it’s almost impossible. The good news is that the PlayStation 5 version of Fortnite lets players use a mouse and keyboard. While Fortnite has aim assist for controllers, this doesn’t help with building structures.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty has one of the biggest fan bases in the world of first-person shooting games.Not every Call of Duty game has been well reviewed, but they all have exciting multiplayer modes. Even though it has some problems, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has become very famous because it introduced many new game modes and ways to play.

People think that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 controller players have an edge because of the game’s aim assist, but they can’t beat a good mouse and keyboard player. COD: Modern Warfare 2 on the PlayStation 5 lets players use a mouse and keyboard, so they can easily aim at other players with a flick of the wrist.


Planet Coaster Console Edition

Planet Coaster is similar to Rollercoaster Tycoon in a lot of ways, and it has won its place as one of the best theme park building simulators on the market. Planet Coaster Console Edition gave people who play games on consoles a great way to try out this fun amusement park model for themselves.

But, like Cities: Skylines, this theme park building game doesn’t work too well with a controller because the menus are so big. Because of this, the PlayStation 5 version allows a mouse and keyboard, which is the best way to play. With a mouse and computer, it’s much easier for players to build rides, especially rides that need to be placed very carefully, like roller coasters. This is important because if a ride isn’t put in the right place and someone gets hurt, it could cost the park a lot of money.

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