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11 Best Co-Op Indie Games To Play Now



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There aren’t many things better than getting together with a friend to play one of these great co-op indie games.

Today, gamers all over the world have a lot of great options for games they can play together. From different types of PvP games to survival games and RPGs, a group of friends can play a lot of AAA games and spend hours fighting, grinding, and going on adventures.

Beyond that, there is a whole sea of indie games made with heart and love by smaller studios or even just one person. Many of these games try out new ideas and game mechanics that the bigger teams might not always try. Even with smaller resources, many indie games can keep a group of players entertained for hours on end with adventures, humor, and sometimes just pure chaos.


Viscera Cleanup Detail

Viscera Cleanup Detail turns a rather boring idea—cleaning up—into a fun and chaotic game that can make or break bonds. In the game, players have to clean up the aftermath of a fight, which looks like it came from a Doom-style shooter. They have to pick up the trash and clean up the battlefield.

Even though the idea is easy, getting everyone to work together is where things get tricky. While one player is working hard to mop the floor, someone else might drop the bucket of slime on the floor, ruining all of their work, which some players might find…frustrating.

Golf With Your Friends

As promised! This lovely indie game brings the popular mini golf game into the virtual world, where players can compete against each other in a number of different goal courses. Even though the idea itself is already competitive, the game makes it even more so by adding things like explosions, teleportation, pushing, and mischief.

With so many beautiful and unique levels to choose from, players can spend hours arguing with their friends or trying to get that rare hole-in-one on their own. The game can be played many times because it has different rules, settings, and even ball forms.

We Were Here Series

This series is like a co-op escape room, and it has a few scary moments here and there. Two players take on the parts of explorers and use radios to talk to each other as they solve different puzzles. The players are in different places, and each place has its own challenges and facts.

Teamwork is important because the players need to share what they know and work together to get out of their tough situation. One should also be patient, because sometimes their partner doesn’t see the clear signs on their side and ends up killing their friend on the radio by accident.



Spiritfarer is a very different kind of management game where two people take souls on their last trip through the doors of death. Even though that sounds pretty sad, the game is actually very beautiful and upbeat. Players can sail through the magical seas and help the lost souls.

On the game’s many magical islands, players can build and run their ship, decorate their rooms, and gather materials.This game is fun to play with a friend or a loved one because it has a beautiful story, great lore, and deep ideas.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is different from other zombie survival games because it is played from a different point of view and has its own system of perks, stats, and different survival tactics. Players can make new and different characters every time because there are so many different backstories to choose from. Each character has its own skills and abilities.

Having friends around to help you survive is both a gift and a curse. You have more people to work with, but now you have to share the resources. Many times during the game, friends will have to decide whether to help their fellow survivors in a brave way or to run away and hope that no one finds out.

Core Keeper

Core Keeper is a very interesting take on a farming simulator. It takes ideas from other games in the same genre and adds a lot of new things. The game is mostly about fighting and exploring, and it has a great perk system that lets players choose their specialty and fill a specific part in the group.

There are a lot of interesting builds and places to go, so players can do what they like best. Everyone can play the way they want while still helping the group. They can fish, mine, or grow food.


Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 builds on the idea of the first game, which was a big hit, and makes almost every part better. The crazy, fast-paced platformer is still a great game to play with friends while desperately trying not to get in each other’s way. With so many new weapons and things, co-op has a lot more to offer now.

And if things get too tense, players can always fight it out in the Arena and take out all their anger on their friends for all the times they dropped a rock on their head by accident.

OverCooked 2

Back is the great food simulator. This game’s sequel is mostly the same as the first one, but it adds a few new concepts and features to spice things up. Players can now throw the dishes they’re holding, which speeds up the whole process, but if they’re not careful, it can also go wrong.

There are a lot of new levels, the setting is always changing, and the tables move around. But once the players find their groove and learn how to work together, Drift Boss game is fun and satisfying. After all, it might not be too different from trying to cook with your friends in real life.

Stardew Valley

Most players know at least a little bit about the very popular farming simulation game by now. But now that Co-Op is out, players can work together to build their dream farm. Players can take on different jobs and work together to finish the game. They can grow crops, go fishing, or fight in the dungeons.

The social part of the game is almost the same in online. Players can still make friends with and date NPCs, but they can also now date and even marry other players. But players should decide ahead of time if they want to share a budget, since someone who spends a lot can quickly drain the group’s money.



Terraria has always had a huge amount of content and ways to play, giving players a lot of options for how to play and what to do. Players can build the most beautiful base or go far away to find new places and strange things to take with them.

With so many classes and weapons, every player can find the right one for them, whether they want to use magical items, bows, swords, or yo-yos. The game is set up so that players have to work together and fight bosses to get more materials and gear. Sometimes, beating a boss can even change the world itself.

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a funny, action-packed adventure game for up to four people. After picking a class, the group is given a set of unique, detailed levels to complete. At the end of the last level, there is a tough boss that they have to beat. But instead of sharing the treasure like at a good fantasy party, the players have to fight to the death until only one person is left standing. The winner gets all the glory and riches.

That and many other details make this an experience you’ll never forget, a journey full of laughter, fights, pain, and situations where friends break up. But no matter what happened, it is a great experience to talk about with friends and argue about for years to come.


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