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7 Best Stages In Hyper Gunsport, Ranked



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Gunsport is the most popular sport in the world, and the fields are like World Cup stadiums. But which is the best?

In the world of Hyper Gunsport, guns, weapons, and all kinds of violence are illegal. Instead, people handle problems with Gunsport. Since it has become the most popular sport in the world and a way to solve all problems, it makes sense that the courts would be beautiful and well-designed, just like the stadiums at a World Cup.

The game’s courts and arenas are set in crowded places with richly drawn backgrounds of towns of the future. Neo Moscow is full of neon lights and machines, while the Congo stage is a river cruise through a lush jungle. Each stage has a catchy synth-pop theme song from the 1980s that is based on the local music of that stage.


Angkor Wat

The stone heads and elaborate carvings of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom have been used by the Cambodian Gunsport court to make futuristic temples with glowing green waterfalls. It’s a beautiful place, but the way the map is made can be a little annoying.

The goals are placed in the mouths of stone heads, which slowly open and close as the game goes on. It’s normal to start a round with the mouths closed, which means you and your opponent are just throwing the ball back and forth until the action starts. But the theme, which is based on Cambodian rock, is a sweet treat during these slow times.


The Shenzhen court is a great place to learn because it is where the Practicebots play. It’s just three goals on each side, a net, and walls all the way around.

It’s pretty simple, and if the moving, glowing grid on the back wall is too confusing, you can turn it off in the accessibility settings. This means it’s almost the same as the Japan plan, but it’s less interesting and harder to get. The goals in Shenzhen are also a little bit smaller, so you have to be a little more accurate and in control of the ball to score.

Neo Tokyo

The Neo Tokyo map might have been the first one made for Tunnel Rush game, since it works just like every other map. There is no trick; it’s just Gunsport. Still, the skyline in the smoke is beautiful. You can’t miss the influence of movies like Blade Runner and Akira, but it’s not half as sad as the towns in those movies.

People are hanging out, having drinks at a bar, or watching you from above. It’s a place with bright moonlight, but it’s too bad that the catchy credits song bright Moonlight doesn’t play instead of the less interesting Mugen Prelude.



The Congo court is on a boat that is moving downriver and gently rocks back and forth. On the riverbank, there are neon-lit coffee shops and people walking around and enjoying the New Republic of Congo. Aside from the scenery and the way the boat rocks, which may or may not affect your match, the stage is strong and standard.

The goals are fixed, and there is only a net. It’s another good place to go if you want a skill test with less luck, and the theme is beautiful. The Brazzaville theme song is a bumping dance track with the strumming of a sanza thumb piano and other Congolese instruments to add some local flavor.


The La Cuidad court is dirty and strange. It looks like a basketball field that was left empty and then taken over by cyberpunks. Your green, yellow, and red goals have doors that open and close on their own. If you’re the lucky type or like to roll dice, you’ll feel right at home hoping that the door opens just as you hit the ball over the net.

But you’ll need to finish all five rounds and get the map unlocked before you can try to guess the slots. Otherwise, it’s a good place to play Gunsport, with cool synth tones and a touch of Latinx rock to set the mood.

Neo Moscow

The Gunsports court in Russia is covered in snow and has workers in overalls cheering from rooftops. The UWSD probably wants to build a base on the Moon because there is a spaceport in the distance. The goals on the floor stick out randomly, and the net moves closer to the winner of each round.

Players who are on a roll will be hemmed in by the net, and the players on the losing team will have more space to move. The tricks on stage create an interesting balance between luck and skill, and the stage song’s hints of Russian folk music and the Tetris theme are a lovely touch.



Oakland, California seems like an odd place for the world’s most popular sport and diplomatic tool, but in the world of Hyper Gunsport, Oakland has broken away from the Re-United States and become an independent city-state. It’s an underdog with a lot to show, so it’s in the Gunsports tournament around the world.

That, and it’s an appearance for Necrosoft Games, a company based in Oakland. The goals on the floor move down like conveyor belts, so you have to think ahead and act at the right time to win. In true California style, the theme sounds like a mix of New Jack Swing and a few electronics.

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