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All 8 B-Side Locations In Celeste



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In Celeste, there are a lot of hidden B-Side Locations that you can find. With this guide, it’s easy to find and catch all of them.

Celeste got a high score from critics because it had both difficult old-school platforming and a strong emotional story. It currently has a Metacritic score of 91. Many video games have started to break the taboo around mental health, and Celeste does a great job of using its steep difficulty curve to tell a complex story about struggle and persistence.

Getting to the top of Celeste Mountain takes more than just careful platforming, because the game’s story pushes you to solve problems that at first seem impossible. If you finish the game and want more challenges, you can find B-sides, which are secret cassette tapes that let you play harder versions of the levels. You might find a few B-sides on your first playthrough, but it’s best to look for them after you’ve finished the main story and learned how the game works.


Forsaken City: Chasm

Starting in the Chasm area of Forsaken City, jump and dash to the platform directly above you. Then, start the conveyor-belt platform that lets you leave through the top left of the screen.

In the next room, use the platform on the conveyor belt to move up toward the exit. You’ll come up to the surface with a conveyor belt platform right above you. When you move it, you’ll see that it’s covering a secret screen.

Once you get to this screen, it should be easy to figure out how to get to the B-side.Watch your timing to platform between the pink and blue platforms that alternate across the bottom of the screen up to the pink block in the top left. Then, use the conveyor-belt platform and a well-timed dash to get to the B-Side.

Old Site: Start

At the beginning of the chapter, leave the campfire to the right and keep going until you reach the bottom right exit of the next screen.Fall all the way down the hole to your right and land on the floor of the next screen.

You should notice that the brick wall to the right is a little bit broken, and if you dash, you can go right through it. The next part is pretty straightforward; just keep going until you’re back in the room with the wall you just ran through.You can get to this stage’s B-side room by running through the dream block on the floor.


This B-side is also easy and mostly just needs you to keep an eye on the time.To get the B-Side for this level, you have to jump from platform to platform and dash through the dream blocks.

Celestial Resort: Elevator Shaft

From the Celestial Resort Elevator Shaft, go up and then to the left. Keep moving to the left until you get to the key you need to get into the room Mr. Oshiro wants you to stay in.

When you get to the key, there will be a hole in the wall to the left that leads to the B-Side of Celestial Resort.

Dash up to the blue block that moves back and forth, timing it so you can go through it and land just as it turns solid. Next, jump from the pink block closest to you to the blue block and land on the small pink block above you.


Now, you need to time a dash so that you go through the pink block on your left just as it becomes see-through and grab the water-covered wall. Drop down onto the solid pink block below you and jump up to get your prize.

Golden Ridge: Start

Start at the beginning of Golden Ridge and move to the right like you normally would. You’ll run into the Old Woman at some point, but just keep moving to the right as you normally would.

At some point, you’ll reach an area with a lot of space and three white clouds rising to the top right of the screen. Here, you need to go against your feelings and jump off the second cloud to the top left of the screen, using the wind and a dash to help you. Leave the room to your left.

This needs some more careful stepping. The B-Side is directly to your left, as shown by a pair of skull glasses above you. To get there, you will have to use a platform between and through the alternate blocks.


Your ability to grab things is important, but the most important thing is to keep going and get used to the tricky time.

Mirror Temple: Depths

The easiest way to get to the B-side is to start in the Depths, go out the door to your right (the switch is above the mirror), and then go up the narrow hallway.

In the next room, look to the right for a platform that moves up and down. This will get you to the door in the top right corner of the room. In the next room, you’ll have to get around a platform that moves quickly.

When you get to the next room, go down until you see a red orb. You can use this orb to leave the room straight to the right. In the top-right corner of the next room is a switch, and the door is right below it on the floor.


It can be tricky to hit the switch above you in the middle of the next room, but once you have, you can leave through the door on the right and find yourself in a room with a broken wall at the end.You can get to the B-Side by running through it.

Reflection: Hollows

From Hollows, go up and to the left to get to the Angry Platform, which you can use to break down the wall below.

Once you’re next to the feather on your right, there’s a secret way behind a wall on your left that you can almost break through. You can smash this with the same Angry Platform.

To get to this B-side on the far left, you’ll need to be careful with your dash and use the gems to give yourself more dash while you’re in the air.


The Summit: 1500M

Start your final climb to the top at 1500M and go through the Celestial Resort as usual until you reach a small room where the only way out is blocked by a doorbell-sounding shield platform.

When you’re done with this room, look at the top of the next stage to find the entry to the B-Side screen. After you jump over the ledge and up to the high platform, the B-Side will be to your left through a hole in the roof.

The most difficult hurdle here is a Z-shaped platform. You have to hold on to one side until a block behind it becomes transparent, then jump up through the platform and land on it when the block is solid again. If you can do this, you’re done.

Core: Heart Of The Mountain

To get to the heart, you need to have finished Basket Random game and found all four Crystal Hearts. The B-side can be found in the Heart of the Mountain, which is the last and most important part of this level.

You have to avoid the rising fire as you move up the core until you reach a dead end. At this point, the only way to move forward is through a secret wall on the right that can be broken down. This leads to what is, appropriately enough, the hardest platforming scene in the whole game. If you do well, the B-Side will be yours.


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