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Dashlane’s Password Supervisor Goes Passwordless: A New Period in Digital Safety

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Dashlane, the popular password manager company, has developed a new “Passwordless Login” solution that eliminates the need for a master password. Instead, the solution uses device-based/biometric authentication to unlock user vaults. While cryptographic keys were initially considered as a possible solution, Dashlane’s proprietary Passwordless Login technology offers a phishing-resistant alternative. This app-based solution uses a PIN and device biometrics like Face ID or fingerprint readers to authenticate users and open their vaults. Existing Dashlane customers can expect to see the new feature later this year.



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Dashlane’s Passwordless Login solution uses a PIN and can leverage the device’s biometrics, such as Face ID or fingerprint readers, to authenticate and open users’ vaults. This new solution is not the same as passkeys, which is the password-free authentication solution developed by FIDO Alliance and backed by all major tech players, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

While Dashlane had early support for passkeys, the company opted for a device-based/biometric solution to avoid getting trapped inside a walled garden with passkey. In the future, the company may add a passkey unlock option for users’ vaults, but for now, Dashlane’s Passwordless Login solution is the way to go.

Dashlane’s Passwordless Login solution will be available to new users in the coming months and will be rolled out to existing customers later this year. If a user loses their device, they can recover their account from another authenticated device. For free Dashlane users, who are only given access to one device, a recovery key option can be saved elsewhere or printed out.


Dashlane is open-sourcing certain aspects of its phishing-resistant proprietary Passwordless Login technology for the sake of security and privacy. This move is a significant shift in the password management industry and shows that the future is password-free.

In conclusion, Dashlane’s Passwordless Login solution is an innovative and secure way to protect users’ password vaults. With the rise of phishing schemes and the need for stronger authentication methods, biometric authentication and cryptographic keys are the future of password management. Dashlane’s move to a zero-password solution is just the beginning, and we can expect more password management companies to follow suit in the near future.


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