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Hello Neighbor 2: 7 Fixes And Improvements It Needs



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You’ll enjoy the scares, but there are still a few things that could be fixed to make Hello Neighbor 2 even better.

Hello Neighbor 2 is the sequel to the popular game Hello Neighbor. It follows journalist Quentin as he investigates the riddle of Raven Brooks, which involves breaking into the homes of a whole town. While you’re here, you’ll try your best to sneak past neighbors who are watching and find out what secrets lie ahead.

There are about four to six hours of content, or even more if you buy the DLC, and each part has puzzles to solve. Not everything about the game is perfect, and if some things were changed, the game would be better as a whole.


Smoother Controls

If you play on an Xbox or PlayStation, you’ll have a much easier time than if you use a keyboard and mouse. Keyboard and mouse players have to uncomfortably move the main character around to get them in the right spot to pick up an item. People who use PCs will also need to be aware of the small delay when doing things, especially if they are racing against their neighbors’ deadly purser clocks.

These strange controls add to the tension of the situation and make it more terrifying, but controls that are easier to use would be better.

Improved Neighbor AI

In the second game, unlike the first, there are more than one person trying to stop you from moving forward. The police officer who guards the house you’re trying to get into is the first person you meet. He doesn’t do much besides guard the front door and walk into the house every few minutes, but he gives you an idea of what to expect.

All of the other hunters from this area play mostly the same. They are all very easy to run away from and hide from, and sometimes they won’t even attack you if you stand right next to them. It’s a bad bug that makes the AI feel unbalanced and takes away a lot of the challenge that was promised.

Gameplay Diversity With The Neighbors

Concerning the neighbors, there isn’t much difference between how they play. Once you figure out how they roam and attack, you’ll know everything you need to know to stay away from them. Most of the time, you will be safe if you move to a different floor of a building, hide in a trunk, under a table, or behind a wall.

This is a great way to play strategically, but it doesn’t add much new to a level with each neighbor. So it’s not all one long process, these people could have areas where you can walk around and solve puzzles and other parts where you have to get away from them.


Additional Inventory Space

Eighty percent of the things you find are needed to solve a puzzle or open a locked door, but this is never shown in your collection. To get through the many locked doors, you’ll always need scissors, a crowbar, and a lot of keys, but you’ll never have enough room to take all of that.

If you drop these things, they might glitch out of the building, so you’ll have to keep track of where everything is in your head. With a game like this, you don’t need to keep track of your inventory on top of everything else. A few extra spaces or an endless inventory would be enough.

A Way To Respawn Items

Items are needed to move forward, and if you lose one, the only way to get it back is to load a save from before. If there was a “respawn” button, it would help fix many bugs where dropped things disappear and you wouldn’t have to reload a save.

You wouldn’t want everything to come back to where it was. Instead, you’d want the last thing you dropped to come back if it suddenly disappears.

A Clearer Story

Hello Neighbor 2 doesn’t have much of a story, but that’s not the game’s fault, and it doesn’t take away from the fun, since the main goal is to solve tasks and hide from the neighbors. Still, some parts of the story are easier to understand if you know more about the game or talk to other players, which can be a little annoying.

You know that your goal is to find the neighbor from the first game and that you have to go through Raven Brooks to do so. What you don’t know is why each character is so determined to kill you or why Aaron’s appearance isn’t explained more in the second game.


More Interactivity

Every item you use is only there to help you solve a puzzle so you can move on to the next room or area. There are no collectibles like notes and audio logs that add to the story or small moments that make players want to connect more with the environment.

If Penalty Kick Online game had optional, interactable things like those in other indie games, whether they added to the story or not, the player would get a better sense of the world and feel more involved in the story.

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