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How to Have a Budget-Friendly Cheap Mauritius Holiday Trip?



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If you are planning to spend some of your time visiting a great place, choose the city of Mauritius. It’s a beautiful place that is known as the hub of the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This city was first discovered by Arab sailors in the 19th century, as it is one of the best places to have perfect beaches. Moreover, having diverse wildlife with fresh seafood for the visitors. The island can give you endless relaxation while having the Mauritius holidays can be a beautiful memory. This place has the intense blue water that is best for scuba diving and snorkeling. Fun is not end here, during your all-inclusive Mauritius holiday trip there are many places on land to visit. You can visit the Moka mountains by quad bike.

So, if you are in Mauritius don’t lose hope because you can have the best trip that is cheap and can be the memorable one. This place has the most reasonable accommodations that can stay and visit the luxury beaches fronts hotels to cozy guest houses.

Here is a detail that how you can spend your all-inclusive holidays to Mauritius trip:


Day 1:

On your day 1 once you have reached Mauritius airport from a long flight to your home. The best part is if you are here in India, you can have the on-arrival visa facility. Once you are in Mauritius, you are here, you can get a warm welcome from the local representatives. They are pretty helpful in helping you to reach out to your hotel. You can spend that day taking a rest at home and can have dinner in one of the best restaurants at your resort.

Explore the City: Day 2

After your complete rest, get yourself ready for the outdoor visit to Mauritius. This Islan is full of tropical beaches and coral reefs. They are pretty much good and attractive to tourists. The best part is that this island is known as the “deer island” in English. Moreover, this island is famous for its luxury resorts that have beautiful swimming pools and snorkeling post breakfasts. There you can enjoy some of the best water sports such as the banana boat ride. After spending the whole long day come back to your hotel for rest.

Day 3: Stay for Leisure:

The next day after your previous all day long, while staying n the hotel you can take a rest and enjoy the comfort of your hotel with special care from the staff. You can stay at your hotel and can get the best treatment all the time, for example, you can have hot saunas or massages. After your complete service, you can visit the beautiful beaches of Mauritius in the afternoon.


Day 4: Visit the North Island:

On your fourth day, don’t forget to explore the capital city of Mauritius. Visit Port-Louis to spend the best time of your day. Then have a city tour with la Citadelle fort and Caudan waterfront. The visit does not end here, you can also visit the Aquarium Odysseo and Bagatelle mall. That’s all for the day not just come back and have little rest.

Day 5: Visit the South Island:

On day five, after exploring north Mauritius, now visit south Mauritius. On that day, you can have a visit to the factor shop, spend half of your day here. Then go to Trou aux Cerf’s crater, Ganga Talao, and on a PVT basis. Here is a place named the Vallee des Couleurs, here are the activities are optional.

Day 6: Explore the More Area:

Your visit is not done yet. There are many more beaches in Mauritius to explore. Spend your last days here exploring the beaches and beautiful islands. This destination is beautiful and can have the best views of all time. So, be here are relaxing for the rest of the day here. You can stroll along the sandy beaches before finishing your trip.


Paradise Cove Mauritius all Inclusive:

When you are planning to have a trip to Mauritius with your family members or partner. This place is full of beautiful attractions that can grab the human eye easily. For adults and couples, many hotels have the best views and all the facilities to enjoy. Enjoy your all-inclusive trip to Paradise Cove Mauritius. This place is beautiful as it is for adults only with a private beach. Some beautiful places like Chateau de Labourdonnais Orchards are worth watching during your trip. This area is the best area to visit if you want to explore the natural beauty.

There is also a park named Bras d’Eau National Park and Anse la Raie. Apart from this, there is a Manutius Aquarium that is worth visiting. Additionally, it has the best Scuba diving there you can enjoy the great parasailing offers here to enjoy the surrounding water.

This hotel is a five-star hotel that is located on the ocean. This hotel is providing an airport pick-up facility for visitors as well. It is a great place to bask in the sun while you can spend some of your time on a private beach.


Not only the hotel facilities, while your stay in this hotel you can have the best shopping places here. Enjoy the outdoor activities.

If you want to look at the details of this hotel, you can have 2 outdoor pools and sun loungers, and beautiful pool umbrellas.

When you bare visiting this place you can have a Paradise Cove Mauritius all-inclusive or cheap holidays trip here. You can have the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. Room service is available here with luggage storage to secure your luggage.


As this hotel is for adults and couples, wines are available at an affordable rate that is all-inclusive on your trip. You just have to book an all-inclusive trip to Mauritius.

Summing Up:

So, if you are planning a trip, especially with your partner towards Mauritius, don’t forget to tour at Paradise Cove Hotel Mauritius, which is great tourist place in Mauritius.


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