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10 Interesting Facts About Goose Goose Duck’s Universe



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The universe is more complex than you might think.

Goose Goose Duck is a fun strategy game like Among Us. It’s not to be confused with the game kids play on the field. Even though it came out in 2021, this bright game didn’t catch on until 2023. You may already know it, but do you know what the story is about?

Goose Goose Duck is known for its social reasoning gameplay, in which you and the other geese try to stay alive. But there are a lot of story secrets and parts of the world that you might not know about in the game. Even if you play a lot, you might have missed some interesting information.


There Was A War


There is a fight between the Ducks empire and the Goose empire before the game starts. This war went on for twenty years before it was finally over. Both sides signed a treaty to make sure the killing would stop.

But no one knows for sure if this war will stay away. With the number of violent and cruel acts against ducks going up, it is hard to say that there will never be another fight.

There Is A Goose And Duck Empire

There are many different kinds of birds in Goose Goose Duck. Even though they all have their own powers, these birds all live by the same rules. After the war, some empires still stand, but the Duck kingdom falls.

The economy is the main reason why the Duck kingdom fell apart. Businesses that used to do well are now struggling to stay alive. Most likely, this is because the Duck government has a hard time keeping the economy safe in the post-war chaos.


When you play Goose Goose Duck, you might notice that almost all of the character names have something to do with birds. Aside from the characters, there are also things or names in the world of Goose Goose Duck that have something to do with birds.

This makes sense, since most of the things in the world are birds. It also shows a few other things. Since birds are a big part of their culture, it’s likely that there aren’t many, if any, other kinds of animals in their world.

The GGD Universe

The world of Goose Goose Duck is its own reality, but there are many similarities between our world and the world of birds. But there are also many things that make the two worlds different.

While playing the game, it might be easy to think that the Goose and Duck people live in the same world as you. But even though people and birds live in the same world, birds have their own set of rules that might not make sense to us.

Duck Duck Goose Does Not Exist

If there were a lot of Ducks and Geese in the world, it seems obvious that they would play Duck, Duck, Goose. But that’s not the case.


Birds might play a similar game where they pick someone out of a group and chase them around. But the Duck Duck Goose game itself doesn’t matter and doesn’t exist in the DDG world.

There Is No Thanksgiving

You can probably guess that the birds in the GGD world don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a scary holiday, so if it comes up in a story, it’s likely to be in a scary setting. Whenever a character talks about Thanksgiving, it’s not in a good way. This is probably because cannibalism is not used on holidays that are good for families.

Birds Are Just Like You

There are many differences between the world of people and the world of birds, but there are also many things that are the same. Each type of bird has its own set of laws, rules, and social norms. They also like clothes, music, art, holidays, and other things.

In fact, you might find that you have something in common with the birds. Even though this isn’t shown much in the game, each bird on board has its own history and way of life.

The Ducks Have An Immigration Program

In the DDG universe, there is a lot of land, just like in any other world. Even though Ducks and Geese get more attention, other types of birds do show up from time to time. But most other bird types don’t come from the same place as Ducks and Geese.


To help with this, the GGD universe has its own immigration program that lets birds like Pigeons and Vultures move to other parts of the world and live there forever.

There Are Movies And Video Games In The Goose Goose Duck Universe

After a long, hard war, it makes sense that the people who are still alive would want to make and take part in fun, stress-free activities. There are many movies and video games that make fun of movies you already know and like.

Alien, The Shining, and The Titanic are all copies of other movies. Even though you probably won’t get to watch these movies in Drive Mad game, it’s fun to think about what they might be like.


There May Or May Not Be Humans In The Goose Goose Duck Universe

When you think about how big the universe is, you can’t say for sure that there are no other species out there. People and birds haven’t met in the Goose Goose Duck world yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

Even so, there are a lot of signs that people may have some kind of effect on the Goose Goose Duck universe.


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