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Katichakrasana Method, Benefits, and Precautions



Katichakrasana Method, Benefits, and Precautions
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What is Katichakrasana – Katichakrasana is a yoga which is made up of three words Kati + Chakra + Asana = Katichakrasana. In which Kati = Waist, Chakra = Wheel, and Asana = Mudra i.e. in this asana, both arms, neck, and waist are exercised, hence it is called Kati Chakrasana. This asana is done standing. Come know the benefits of Kati Chakrasana Yoga and how to do this yoga. Please join the Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, we offer the best to train future yoga instructors, you come here and learn yoga.

Method of doing Kati Chakrasana Yoga:-

1. First position:- First of all, stand in a careful position.

2. Second position: – Stand in such a way that a distance of one and a half to two feet can be made between both feet.


3. Third position: – Now spread both hands in the line of your shoulders. After this, place the left hand on the right shoulder and bring the right hand from behind to the left and wrap it around the torso.

4. Fourth position:- While breathing normally, rotate the mouth and bring it in line with the left shoulder.

5. Fifth position: – Now stand in this position for some time and then do this action from the right side in the same way.


6. Sixth position: – Do this action with both hands 4-4 times.

Time to do Kati Chakrasana Yoga:-

If you practice it every day, you will get good results, it is more fruitful to practice this asana on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening, do this asana regularly at least 5-10 times.

Benefits of Kati Chakrasana Yoga:-

1. Reduces belly fat: – This asana helps us to reduce belly fat. Belly fat, or fat from other parts of the body, is a particularly harmful type of fat that surrounds your organs. accumulates.


2. Beneficial in constipation and acidity: – By regular practice of this asana, one can get rid of constipation and acidity. Constipation is a condition of the digestive system in which the stool of a person (or animal) becomes very hard and there is difficulty in defecation. Constipation is a natural change in the stomach, in which the amount of excretion is reduced.

3. Beneficial in sugar disease: – This asana is very beneficial for sugar patients. Diabetes or diabetes is called a metabolic disease in which the amount of sugar (blood sugar) in the person’s blood exceeds the requirement. sugar ka ilaj

4. Beneficial in Digestion: – This asana helps in keeping the digestion process right. If our digestive system is right then all the diseases related to the stomach can be got rid of because most of our diseases originate from the stomach itself. diseases can be avoided.


5. To get rid of stress: – This asana is very beneficial to reduce stress and get rid of mental tension. Medical science considers the lack of neurotransmitters like serotonin, nor-adrenaline, dopamine, etc. in the brain as the cause of depression, then you should do this asana to get rid of all these. And along with this, by doing this, the feeling of self-confidence increases in the person.

Other benefits of Katichakrasana:-

1. Waist becomes flexible.

2. Shoulders become strong and broad.


3. Relieves stiffness of neck and back

4. Feeling of lightness in the body

5. Laziness ends in the body.


Be careful while doing Kati Chakrasana yoga:-

1. Take care that the knees do not bend while rotating the waist and the legs should not move at all from their place.

2. Always do this yoga on an empty stomach.

3. Do not give any kind of shock.


4. Soles should not rise from the ground.

5. Do not do this asana in case of extreme pain in the back or neck.


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